Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair NF-WD100
Electric Climbing Wheelchair NF-WD100

The Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair (Dual-use) NF-WD100 is powered by lithium battery, Help persons with reduced mobility to move safely and efficiently on the ground and climb up and down the stairs.

Motorized Stair Climbing Chair NF-WD06-1
Motorized Stair Chair NF-WD06-1

Can climb up and down stairs smoothly by track, With honeycomb-shaped enlarged and widened wear-resistant wheels, It is suitable for a variety of complex roads and makes the ride more comfortable.

Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair NF-WD01
Portable Climbing Wheelchair NF-WD01

Lightweight and portable, Can climb up and down stairs smoothly and steadily by track, there are flexible handles at the bottom, can be used as a stair stretcher, Suitable for transport patients in narrow space.

Lightweight Stair Evacuation Chair NF-W4
Lightweight Evacuation Chair NF-W4

Lightweight and portable, Weighs in at only 24lbs(11kg) , Load bearing: 352lbs (160kg), Designed for single-person operation, used for transport people down stairs safely and efficiently during an emergency.

Evacuation Stair Chair NF-W5
Evacuation Stair Chair NF-W5

Used for emergency transfer of patients on stairs or confined spaces. The chair is foldable, It can easily slide down the stairs by the track to help persons with reduced mobility quickly and safely evacuate.

Stair chair accessories
Parts & Accessories

Include: Lithium Battery, Battery Charger, Seat Safety belt, Head Restraint, Seat Cushion, and other supporting accessories for the NEW FELLOW electric climbing chair.

Who We Help

The portable electric stair Climbing chair that helps you move patients with mobility impairment, easily.

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Help get your loved ones and patients' freedom back.

People with Mobility Impairments

Conquer stairs everywhere you want to go.

EMT and First Responders

Move patients up and down stairs safely and easily.

About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Zhangjiagang New Fellow Med Co., Ltd. is a professional medical and nursing equipment manufacturer, founded in 2012. The company has independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, a professional technical team, and a standardized management system. We have passed ISO9001, ISO13485 quality management system certification and CE certification.

Our products and services

We are committed to providing users with high-quality and affordable electric stair climbing wheelchair products; At the same time, we listen to the voices of users attentively, understand their real needs, constantly improve products design and functions, so as to make our products safer, more comfortable and more convenient to use, So that more people and families in need can benefit from it.


Electric stair climbing chairs help people with limited mobility cope with stair challenges

An Electric stair climbing chair is an assistive device designed to help people with limited mobility walk up and down stairs. It is usually equipped with an electric motor and a battery system that enables the user to maneuver the system to easily transfer the mobility impaired person on the stairs.


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New Fellow Med participated in 2024 Arab Health

New Fellow Med Co., Ltd. participated in 2024 Arab Health, In this exhibition, our products include: electric climbing wheelchair, and ambulance stretcher, folding stretcher, plate stretcher, Scoop stretcher and other first aid stretcher series products.


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New Fellow Med Participated in the 88th China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF)

On October 28, the 88th China International Medical Equipment Expo opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, New Fellow Med participated in the event as an exhibitor.


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